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Three Fun Locations For Your Child's Birthday Party Besides A Restaurant

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If you are planning your kid's birthday party, and want to choose a location other than a restaurant, then here are some suggestions. Kids can get rambunctious stuck in a restaurant, and even if you choose a fast-food style establishment that is used to this sort of behavior, it might be a better idea to host the party where the kids aren't expected to sit down and behave for a long time. A better idea is to pick out a place that will have an organized activity that will keep them occupied and interested. Here are three suggestions.

Zoo Party

A fun place to have the party is at a local zoo. You can arrange to go with a few of the other parents acting as chaperones. You might also want to see if the zoo has special facilities for kids birthday parties. Some zoos will offer educational programs for kids, and you could arrange for your group to have one of these. The zookeepers will provide them with special access to animals and also talk about the different habitats and behavior of the animals. This is a really fun and informational party. You could speak with the coordinator to see if you could reserve a spot in the cafeteria or outdoor café and use it for the cake and food later in the afternoon.

Bowling Party

Another great place to host the party is at a bowling alley. You can choose a bowling alley that caters to kids. These places will have inflatable bumpers for the gutters, and they will often have cool light effects in the ceiling. Some places have special rooms that you can reserve for a party. You can arrange for the bowling alley to provide food (via their kitchen, provided they have one) and you can bring the cake.

Laser Tag Party

If your kid really wants to run around with their friends and have a fun birthday, then look for a laser tag location. These are much safer than paintball because there are no projectiles. However, they are just as fun. You and the other parents can even join in and create two teams and play capture the flag.

When you reserve the space for a party, you will get sole use of the arena, as well as an employee who acts as a referee and who can assist with any technical troubleshooting that may arise. Some places will have a cafe, but you can also chose to reserve a spot at a nearby ice cream store for cake and dessert.