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Four Balloon Tips For Your Next Party

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Like anyone who has ever thrown or given a party, you might already feel that balloons are vital for a festive party atmosphere. However, there are fresh and unique ways to use balloons that you might not have thought of. If you want to really wow guests at your next party, consider the following balloon tips.

Cover Them with Lace

One exciting way to use balloons at your next party is to cover them in lace or another decorative fabric. To do this, you'll need lace doilies, balloons and fabric stiffener or white glue. Blow up as many balloons as you plan to use, and then apply the lace doilies. It is vital that they overlap so that there are no empty areas on the balloon. You can use glue and fabric stiffener to keep the doilies attached to the balloons.

After allowing the doilies to firm up and fully dry, you have two choices: you can leave the balloons intact or you can use a needle to pop them, leaving a lace orb in its place. You can also add elegant touches such as ribbons and pearls if you want to take the look further.

Put Beads on the Strings

Sometimes, to make balloons look visually interesting, you don't even need to do anything fancy with the balloons themselves. After you have blown up the balloons and attached string to them, you can make them look even more beautiful by putting beads on the strings. Head to the nearest arts and crafts store and choose beads according to the atmosphere you want to evoke at your party.

Use Clear Fishing Line to Suspend Balloons

If you want to mystify your guests, you can also make your balloons appear to float mid-air. This is accomplished with the help of clear fishing line. Create a string of balloons and use the fishing line to connect them to each other, and then hang the fishing line from the ceiling or tape it to opposite walls. The balloons will seem suspended.

Use Glow Sticks

Glowsticks can help your balloons to glow safely. Blow up balloons for your party, and before you knot them, insert a glow stick or  a glow bracelet that you've already activated. The balloons will have a warm glowing appearance.

With all of the ideas in this article, your next party can be full of gorgeous balloon decorations. Talk to the staff at your nearest party store to get more balloon ideas. Contact a business, such as Life O' The Party, for more information.